BakerTrade is an employment service that aims to promote artisan skill and knowledge in the baking industry. Our bakers are either practising artisans or industry bakers wishing to expand their skills.

Bakeries that join BakerTrade become places of knowledge and skill sharing. Use BakerTrade to find skilled bakery staff or bakers that are keen to learn the trade.

Some bakeries are dedicated artisan practices, while others conduct artisan baking alongside an industrial practice. We ask that employers provide clarity about their style of bakery and expectations for their new baker.

BakerTrade is run by the Artisan Baker Association. An artisan baking association for professional and home bakers. We also run the world's greatest sourdough bread community! Sourdough Companion.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the BakerTrade service, please feel free to contact us:

Graham Prichard - CEO BakerTrade