Artisan baker - full time - day time

at Bakeriet SPRØ

Oppdal, Norway


Hi there!

We are seeking a dynamic environment with rotating bakers up to one year at a time. We do appreciate experience with French baking traditions. Your previous experience is important so send a CV/Resume. We can be quick in decision making if you are the right candidate. Don't forget to include your contact details including a skype ID.

Please note: - you are clean, efficient, experienced and have an eye towards the "front" to see whats selling!

  • we seek a healthy work environment with mainly day baking.

  • the salary is in the range of 2700 - 3300 euro/month

  • 10,2% "vacation pay" comes in addition to indicated salary.

  • rent is relatively cheap in our region - sometimes as low as 330 euro/month with wifi/heating

  • being in a good mood is imperative to all of us :)

  • we are situated in very beautiful surroundings if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities

  • nearest sizable city is Trondheim, 1.5 hours by car, train or bus

  • the town is a ski resort during the winter

  • you need to hav a work permit or citizenship in the EU.

  • our work language is English, you can learn Norwegian if you want!

Contact us now if this sounds good to you!