Artisan baker full time day time

at Bakeriet SPRØ

Oppdal, Norway


Hi there!

We are seeking an experienced baker for our bakery (SPRØ, Oppdal, Norway). You think of yourself as efficient, clean and a team player. You have experience with sour dough and European baking traditions (French, Italian, ...). Your experience is important so send a CV/Resume. We can be quick in decision making if you are the right candidate! Don't forget to include your contact details including mobile phone number, and email address.

  • we seek a healthy work environment with day baking (5 days/week, 37.5 hrs avg).
  • the salary is negotiable (typically in the range of 2500 - 4000 euro/month)
  • 10,2% "vacation pay" and vacation is compulsory (25 days / 21 work days per year)
  • rent is relatively cheap in our region - from 400 euro/month with wifi/heat
  • we are situated in very beautiful surroundings if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities
  • nearest sizable city is Trondheim, 1.5 hours by car, train or bus
  • the town is a ski resort during the winter
  • you need to hav a work permit (or citizenship) in the EU/EEA.
  • our work language is English, you can learn Norwegian if you want!
  • being in a good mood is imperative to all of us :)

Contact us now if this sounds good to you!