Artisanal Baker Position in Shetland, UK

at Walls Bakery

Shetland, United Kingdom


Experienced Baker Needed for Unique Opportunity in Shetland (!)

I am negotiating the purchase of a very successful bakery in Shetland, and need to hire an experienced baker with artisanal baking skills to make the deal work.

The bakery currently has sales of over £400'000, with significant profits, and major potential in both the local market, but more importantly, developing the export market for oatcakes and water biscuits (and other long-shelf items) to the UK, EU, and beyond.

The bakery is located in Shetland (population 23'000), which is a collection of remote islands 160km north of Scotland; the bakery is in a very small 'town' called Walls, which is a 40 minute drive from the capital and main town, Lerwick (population:  7'500).

Why is this an excellent opportunity? For someone who wants to live in a pristine, gorgeous, very quite place with an excellent quality of life (schools, medical, infrastructure), away from the toxic hubbub of city life, this is perfection; a wonderful place to raise a family and perfect ones craft.

Shetland is unique in many ways, and people tend to immediately fall in love with its rugged charm, or want to leave. Astonishing land- and seascapes, with a rich and fascinating history and culture (Viking). World-class outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking, sailing, bird watching, etc. At Latitude 60° North, summer days are very, very long, and, likewise, winter days are short. It is never very hot, but also rarely very cold due to the North Atlantic Drift (starts as Gulf Stream), which brings warm water by the islands, and is the source of its rich seafood. In fact, Shetland, it’s far less cold or rainy than Scotland. It is very easily accessible by air (daily flights to and from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh), and an overnight ferry from Aberdeen every day in both directions. Residents get discounts on both modes of transport (though it is not cheap). I would assist in the finding of appropriate housing, and there’s a very comfortable, modern apartment above the bakery as well.

If I am successful in purchasing the bakery, I estimate it will take about five to six months to close the deal, and would need you to start around that time.

Salary would be commensurate with experience and market rates; a generous profit sharing plan will be offered as well. There is enormous potential, and the baker who helps build the business will benefit. Currently one experienced baker in addition to owner, plus three kitchen workers; four in packaging/dispatch, and two laborers (It is definitely understaffed).

If you are confident in your bread baking skills (pastry and cakes as well), have excellent references, and want to learn more, please send an email with your resume and thoughts.

I am a dual Swiss/US citizen; my maternal grandparents are from Shetland (my great, great uncle built the house next to the bakery). I have strong hospitality experience and education (trained at Hotel zum Storchen in Zürich, graduated from Cornell University’s hotel school), worked as a pastry chef in New York City. I also have an MBA from Harvard, and many years of experience in management, finance, branding and marketing. I learned of this opportunity when visiting family there this summer, and have been doing due diligence ever since. Determining if I can attract talented help is part of that, as having excellent staff will be critical in realizing the bakery’s potential.

Official Shetland website:

Here are some more photos of Shetland, including several of the bakery building ( Please do some reseach online, and be convinced it would be a place where you would be happy to live before sending your cv.